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Kaydene DeSilva

Senior HR Officer

Kaydene DeSilva, is a young Human Resource Guru, known for her ability to take a complex issue, break it down to granular pieces and then solving each problem, efficiently and effectively. With over 6 years experience in the Human Resource Field, her track record highlights the great depth and vast magnitude of her skills and attributes in the Human Resource Field.

She started her career as one of ten interns on GraceKennedy Limited’s inaugural Internship Programme as a Human Resource Intern in 2013. As an Intern, Kaydene learnt the basics of the Human Resources profession and the different focus areas within the field. Upon completion of the Programme in 2014, she was appointed Human Resource Associate and later promoted to Human Resources Officer in 2016. In both roles, Kaydene cultivated her skills in developing and executing employee engagement initiatives, talent management, and coordinating employee training needs.

In 2017, Kaydene was appointed to the post of Talent Development Officer for GraceKennedy Limited, a role that saw her taking a greater part in the creation and execution of the GraceKennedy Group’s Talent Development strategy related to performance management and succession planning. She was also responsible for the coordination of four of the Group’s talent development programmes, including GraceKennedy’s Diamond’s Programme, an initiative that sought to develop young talent identified as future leaders of GraceKennedy, where she held a dual role as coordinator and participant.

An opportunity arose in late 2019 for Kaydene to act as the Senior HR Officer at GK’s insurance subsidiary, GK General. In this role, she was introduced to the insurance industry while she developed and executed on the HR strategy for the subsidiary and increased staff morale and engagement. This experience prepared Kaydene for her appointment as Senior HR Officer for Key Insurance Company Limited in March 2020.

Additionally, as a Project Team member since 2014, Kaydene participates in the administering, planning, implementation, training and troubleshooting of GraceKennedy's Human Resource Management Information Systems.

Her ambition, self-motivated nature and love for people is what made her pursue her B.A. in Industrial /Organizational Psychology & International Business from Dominican University in the United States of America and later her MSc. In Human Resource Management and Training from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.

In her spare time, Kaydene enjoys volunteering at charity and church activities, planning events for family and friends, traveling and spending time with her loved ones, including her new God Child.


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